Nick is delighted to announce that the prestigious organization, Global Music Awards in California, has awarded him a Silver Medal with two distinctions. He received one for his new song “Somebody Loves You” and one for male vocalist on ”Feelin’ Good - Feelin’ Fine”.


Big thank yous to the following artists who made this possible: David Pezza, Jayar Mack, Tanya Lewis, Jason Dukas, Ralph Blantz, Paul Brantley, James Suggs, Richie Gidaro, Jonathan Cestero, and James Forbes.

Global Music Awards Winner

For the fourth time, Nick Dukas’ original music was a Global Music Awards winner. For his new hit song, “Somebody Loves You", Nick was awarded a Bronze Medal for three categories:

  • Male Vocalist

  • Lyrics/Songwriter

  • Song

3 x Global Music Awards Winner
September 20, 2016

The Global Music Awards announced that Nick Dukas has won the following Silver Medal for his outstanding holiday musical achievement:

  • Holiday Music

  • Vocal Duo (Nick Dukas and Jennifer Morrison)

  • Lyrics/Songwriting (Nicholas Dukas, Anthony Little and Jennifer Morrison)

Cover of "Wrap You Up For Christmas"

by Elie Monty